Bias Motivated Incidents, 2010-2014

As of December 2012, 52 bias motivated incidents have been recorded in the period beginning in 2010. So far, the most common type of incident is harassment (15), followed closely by swastikas (13). Many of the harassment incidents involved shouting racial slurs. In one such instance in 2011, a man complained that another man repeatedly yelled ethnic slurs at him while out walking. The next two most common types of incidents are discrimination claims and violent assault (7 each). This period, only three years in, has already tied for the record high (with 2000-2004) in number of violent assaults. In one 2011 incident in St. John, a Middle Eastern high school student was called a terrorist and beaten by his peers. In another incident in 2012, a man shot at the ground after being provoked by a racial slur, injuring a third party. So far in this period, there have been no murders, and only one instance each of KKK activity and cross burnings. Since there are two years left in this five-year period, the data is not complete; however, the trends seen below can be helpful in understanding the overall narrative of bias incidents in Northwest Indiana.

Almost twice as many incidents during this period so far have taken place in Porter County, continuing the trend seen in the last five-year period from 2005-2009. Significantly, as many incidents have occured in Valparaiso as have in the entirety of Lake County thus far, at 16 incidents each. Almost all of the incidents in Valparaiso during this period have been swastikas or graffiti.